Magikarp Madness 2/3

Magikarp Finance
2 min readMar 18, 2021

Splashpapers, Roadmaps, and Audits!

We’ve talked about creating a great environment for your Magikarp through providing liquidity. We’ve also started mingling within the ecosystem via partnerships, with many more to come! All of this is part of our plan to evolve… but before we do that; let’s have a look at where we are now — and how we can keep our Magikarp healthy.

An easy way to understand the mechanics of Magikarp is through the splashpaper…<<click to read the SPLASHPAPER.

But more than that, we have a single dev wallet that has received 10% of the initial supply.

These funds are solely dedicated to airdrops, contests, and commissions— creating a more even distribution of tokens between holders. In other words — more karp, fewer whales!

And not just any karp — a healthy karp is a happy karp, so we’ve asked TechRate to AUDIT our first token and the results are in.

Magikarp is as healthy as can be. <<click to read the AUDIT.

That’s right — our first token! As we embark on the most exciting of journeys, let’s have a look at the roadmap.

We’re at somewhere between 2.5 and 3… If I were you — I’d keep an eye out for a imminent tidal wave of news.