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Mar 18, 2021

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Magikarp Madness 1/3

Second Official Partnership!

We are glad to see so many of you looking after your Magikarp and taking the steps to add liquidity allowing your Magikarp to grow.

Magikarp.Finance creates value through working with other DeFi projects and ensuring that everyone benefits from being part of this ecosystem… with this in mind we’d love to announce our second official partnership;

Rowket Market

Rowket Market is a decentralized community-driven NFTs marketplace centered around the distribution of fan art in the form of NFTs. When it comes to NFTs, Binance Smart Chain is barely starting and there isn’t enough infrastructure yet to utilize its full potential. Rowket is looking to introduce our own in-house NFTs marketplace where users will be able to mint, buy and sell exclusive NFTs for a fraction of the cost of what the competitors are charging.

How will our partnership with ROWKET work?

Magikarp will be airdropping 1% of its supply to the top 20–250 Rowket hodlers. While Rowket will also airdrop 1% of its supply to the top 20–250 MAGI hodlers. And not just that, we will be rewarding the Liquidity Providers on both sides! (a quick how to on liquidity)

The Top Ten Liquidity Providers from both tokens will receive an exclusive Magikarp NFT created by Rowket - the official NFT marketplace partner to MAGI.

A random snapshot that will happen between this announcement and Monday, 22th March 2021. The winners will be announced on Saturday and the airdrop will happen the week following.

👉 What?

1% $MAGI & 1% $KET, split equally between all participants…
MAGI Hodlers Prize Pool: 645k $MAGI + 250k $KET
KET Hodlers Prize Pool: 645k $MAGI + 250k $KET

👉 How?


To find out where you are on the list — CTRL+F your into the links above

👉 When?

  • Snapshot before Monday, 22nd of March
  • Delivered before Sunday, 28th of March 2021.

Find out more about $KET:
⚡️ Website: 👈
⚡️ Twitter:
⚡️ Telegram: 👈
⚡️ Medium:
⚡️ BscScan: 0x5ddae05d2f854926e8070b435d2dfe5edca246d9👈