Magikarp Finance

Mar 10, 2021

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Welcome to Magikarp Community !

A fresh welcome to all Karps of the world !

First of all, we wish to welcome you to the big open Defi Sea 🌊

It’s hasn’t even been 18 hours since we stealth launched Magikarp.Finance and it already feels like we are family.

As you most certainly know, this is only the beginning. We thank all Karps who supported us and made this project possible. More and more holders are accumulating $MAGI, simply through word of mouth and this is a beautiful thing. We now wish to release a more throughout explanation on What $MAGI is, Where we’re going and Who we are (skip to the end to see signatures).

The Idea

Magikarp lvl.0

This project hatched from the idea to include the community as a core part of a project while adding fun mechanics. The community will be included and take part in the future of Magikarp, can participate in big decisions through voting system in our telegram group, and contribute with innovative ideas (some crazy ones we’ve heard); Magikarp motto: we shall be honest and crystal clear.

How Does it Work ?

Magikarp ($MAGI) is a RFI token, which means that, with every transaction made, there will be a % of the value splashing back to all holders and a % that will be burned.

The maximum percentage for this purpose is 9% (hardcoded, safu).
Currently the distribution burn fee is set to 6% distribution / 3% burn.

In the near future there will Community Votes to decide how to readjust this ratio (i.e.: 6% burn and 3% shared, or 4.5% burn — 4.5% shared). This is the Normal Fee Mode.

In the first week, we will release the Storm Mode, which is a different type of tax mode, we don’t want to reveal too much but know that the max cap will still only be 9%. More information will be published in an upcoming medium post and there will be a 24h notice before it goes into effect.

Are your Tokens SAFU?

Long story short, yes.
We have some experience with previous BSC projects and from the launch, we decided we wanted to be as secure as possible.
For this purpose, we use the Gnosis Safe on BSC, meaning that, if someone is planning on moving the funds the team wallets (there are 2), multiple team members must authorize it. Both received 10% from the initial supply. We aim to distribute these funds for the prosperity of this project.

The team members all know each other. We had an internal KYC 😉
In addition 2 of our 3 Core Team Members have doxxed themselves to @DeFiDownsin (unrelated to the project).

The above described measure ensure the safety of the project.
This project is still experimental, please only but in what you are comfortable with. This is still DeFi and we want everyone to be safe. This means calculated risks and DYOR.

🔥 Initial Liquidity has been burned:

🔐 Team Wallet 1 (Dev/Marketing Funds)

🔐 Team Wallet 2 (Contest/Airdrops/Commissions)


Where are We Going ?

In the upcoming posts we will reveal partnerships and further development steps that are going to be taken. We definitely want to create advantages for members who are part of the community and contribute. More to come in the next Magikarp Medium Post.

Where to Catch It🐟 ?

👉 Buy $MAGI:

Magikarp ($MAGI) contract:

😄 List of holders 👀

Who Is the Team ?

Now the question you’ve all been burning for.

Here is the Crew:
@Carlos_BTC @Spacename @Juno0x153
You can find us on The Magikarp Finance Telegram.
Now, splash it 🌊

Now, splash it 🌊