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Good day Karps!!

“It ain’t much, but it’s honest work”

It is our 5th day in the world and a lot has already happened in this time, but as is often said, this is only the beginning !

Today we would like to share with you an important announcement that a lot of you have been waiting for…our 2nd partnership and farming!!!!
TL;DR at the bottom and read the disclaimer ;)

After our initial partnership with Lightning, we have been in contact with a Pokemon ! Yes, that’s right !

We have been talking with the Absol.Finance Team the past few days. It turns out Pokemons speak the same language :)
Is there any better collab than two Pokemons teaming up?

LP High Five

They have been helpful from the start, and have offered us spots on their farming site, knowing we don’t have so far, a place to do it in our own, so thanks for that guys, all karps love you!!!!

Soon the farms will be ready. We will first deploy 1 farm and within 24h deploy the next farm.

Two LP Pairs will be released for farming: MAGI/BNB and MAGI/UMBREON.
It is not yet disclosed which one will be first. Farms will be deployed step-by-step (one after the other) and starting with a 0% deposit fee ! This fee will several hours after launch up to 2%.

⏰ Please take some time to browse through their website & pinned messages to understand how it works 😊

You might already know how to provide LP, but if you don’t, you can always check our next article (link will be updated here)

Listings: Coingecko and Blockfolio

As of today, we have applied for the Coingecko listing as well as for Blockfolio.

Upvote the Blockfolio 🆙
To get MAGI listed faster :)

Coingecko will take some time, as they receive a lot of applications, so we would appreciate if you understand the situation and do not spam them directly (although we love the “wen coingecko” in the chat ).

The application for Blockfolio is slightly different in terms of listing, since you all are needed to help this happening ASAP 👆

A benevolent Karp has created the Blockfolio request (THANKS FRIEND!!!). The more votes/likes we get, the faster they’ll notice us and list $MAGI.

As usual, we want to thank you for your support and commitment on this project. We are almost 900 members in our TG group and over 1.200 holders!!!!!!


👉 AbsolMoney X MagikarpFinance Farmship 🤝
👉 Deposit fees will start at 0, then increase incrementally to 2%.
👉 When: 1st Farm in the next 24h. 2nd Farm in the next
👉 Notification: Announcement Channel & Main Pinned
👉 DYOR & Invest Safely

Find out more about $ABSOL & $UMBREON:
⚡️ Website: 👈
⚡️ Twitter:
⚡️ Telegram: 👈
⚡️ Medium:
⚡️ BscScan: 0xb90e4532d23180b67fcbe10ad581e34519b2987c 👈

We want all Karps to be or become financially independent.
For this reason please read the following words of caution.
Always invest responsively and take profits on the way up. Do not go all in to avoid getting rekt. Do your own research (DYOR) on all projects that are promoted here & on all upcoming partnerships. Take calculated risks. This is not financial advice, be safe. 😊

The APR on the upcoming MAGI/UMBREON pool might be glitched but it will still show the correct TVL value. Absol dev is working on this. It is just a display issue.

Coming up next:
A MAGI Guide on How To Provide Liquidity 🌊

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