Magikarp Finance Day 2

It has been 48h since the Initial Splash and we still have goosebumps from the wet launch 🐟

This has been a fantastic start and the Telegram Group is already 600 Karps strong 💪

In this post, we would like to share with you the plans for the coming days and a little bit of an explanation of how we want you (yes YOU, the person reading these words!) to get involved in important decisions we will take from now on. So please, read until the end, exciting news will be disclosed 😊

Community Voting System

You are a vital part of this journey and we want to include all fishes, big and small.

For this reason, we will be launching regular polls in our Telegram group. For example, we’ll decide fee distribution based on a community vote (currently a vote is ongoing, it will be closed 11 am UTC tomorrow and changes will quickly follow).
Don’t forget to follow our Announcements to stay informed:

Frequent Updates

We plan to post polls and updates regularly, to keep our Karps engaged and participating in the community! You might have noticed that this Medium post is approx. 24h after the previous Medium post.

The more Karps join our ranks, the more people can exercise their right to vote, and we’re sure this will lead to great results.

Contests, Contests, Contests!!

At the moment we’re holding an LP Contest, and there will be more. We plan to launch contests consistently.

Be on the lookout for Logos, Memes, GIFs, NFTs, and much more to come.


Rewards will be distributed in $MAGI, always according to market price, of course.

This reward system has 2 benefits, it makes everyone richer, and you’ll receive payments straight from the team wallets. $MAGI magic 😉
Ps: The current LP contest will be reward in BNB, as we discussed this before the announcement.

Pokemon not actually featured*


You’ve been waiting for this, you nearly drowned our mods in waves of questions. Authors note: at this rate, I might become a poet.

You’re not the only one who’s been waiting, partnerships excite us a lot.

Since we started the project, we knew that partnerships with Magikarp would be a game changer. We’re happy to announce that we have 2 partnerships in the works, which will take effect within the next 7 days. Plus, many other projects have reached out to us (some of which are not deflationary tokens 🙊) so stay tuned.

Curious about the partnerships? Read on.


LIGHTNING or $LIGHT is a fully deflationary rebase protocol (the first of it’s kind.) Lightning works through a dynamic burn rate, which is applied at each Transaction. Think DITTO and RAICHU had a baby.

Airdrop 💸

We will take a snapshot in the next 72h (15.03 00:00 UTC), for Karps who hold both LIGHT and MAGIKARP tokens, they will receive free MAGIKARP tokens. How much you ask ? Price pool will be distributed evenly between all participants.

You need to hold both tokens of at least 32 000 $LIGHTNING and 12 000 $MAGIKARP to be eligible. Again, the price pool will be distributed evenly between all participants. This means if there were to be only 1 participant, they would receive 60 000 MAGIKARP <(^.^)>.


👉 Prize pool 60 000 $MAGI, split equally between all participants
👉 Condition: Hold 12 000 $MAGI & 32 000 $LIGHT (both)
👉 Snapshot: Random time in the next 72h
👉 Delivered at the latest: 96h after the end of the contest

Find out more about $LIGHT:
⚡️ Website: 👈
⚡️ Twitter:
⚡️ Telegram: 👈
⚡️ Medium:
⚡️ BscScan: 0x7b9c3df47f3326fbc0674d51dc3eb0f2df29f37f 👈

Coming up next:
A thorough explanation on how to provide Liquidity & another Partnership Announcement.

Now splash !




Magikarp splashes fees back to it’s holders. Join the Community:

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Magikarp Finance

Magikarp Finance

Magikarp splashes fees back to it’s holders. Join the Community:

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