Magikarp Finance

May 26, 2021

3 min read


It has been a long time, we have to admit it, and we do apologise for not having been around here in Medium lately.

But the time has come my karps, that moment we all have been waiting for a month…THE EVOLUTION OF THE KARP!!!!

For the last few weeks, as many of you know, we have been actively developing our NFT Marketplace and GYA lottery, taking a step forward and become a much bigger entity. We have also improved the website, so if you go to the top right corner, you have some options to customise your theme.

With the NFT Marketplace, we want to encourage you all to bring your very own NFTs, whether they are an art masterpiece or a picture of your pet, just be creative!!!

Little bit of explanation!

Majority of you know how a NFT Marketplace works but, if you don’t, do not worry, we are here to go through it with you.

With our marketplace, you will be able to mint (upload), buy, sell and transfer your own NFTs. Let’s take a look:

1: Minting process

You have your image ready in the formats .png or .jpg, click “browse” or drag and drop the image, quite straight forward.

On the right side of the image you have just uploaded, you will see some fields that you must fill and some optional.

Bear in mind that, once you set the number of units of your NFT you want to create, the system won’t let you mint the same NFT again, so set an amount you consider is enough or, if you want to make it more exclusive, set a low amount of it. Entirely up to you!

Also, you can create Collections, simply typing the same name in the “Collection” field.

Once you have filled the required fields, the button “Mint NFT” will be activated; you are ready to mint it.


2: Selling your NFTs

You can see your minted or bought NFTs in the “Inventory” section.

Once there, you need to click on Approve Sale →Sell and set the price per unit, units and days for sale

3: Transferring NFTs

The process is quite straight forward; from your inventory, click on “Transfer” and paste the address you want it to be sent. Done.

As we have previously mentioned above, we are introducing our GYA lottery game, which does not need a long explanation; All you need to do is going to Lottery section on the left bar Menu and unlock your wallet. Then, decide how many tickets you want to purchase for the next draw.

IMPORTANT: Price of tickets will be 1 GYA, so if you intend to buy more than one, buy them at once to save gas fees!

…and more to come…

In the upcoming days, we will bring FARMS back!!! (want it bigger? 😊)

At first, the farms that will be available will be Magi/BNB and Magi/BUSD, joining to the party at a later stage some others that will be disclosed at the right time.

Warning! We intend to create a sustainable farming system, so do not expect a crazy APR :P