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Magikarp Finance

With the imminent release of the farms at 29 March 2021 3.00PM UTC, it’s time for a little reintroduction of GYA. For those who are already acquainted with GYA, keep reading till the end — we still have a little surprise for you.

The GYA Yield Farming Guide

GYA is the inflationary token of Magikarp’s Finance ecosystem. There are 3 ways to earn via GYA with yield farming. Each of these ways of yield farming carry their own sets of risks and rewards, tailored for your risk appetite. Understand the mechanics of each method, so you can come up with your own strategies to maximize…

With MAGI and GYA, we’ve got our foundations established in the DeFi space. We now have over 1900 MAGI holders and the healthiest spread of tokens we’ve had since launch.


Our Telegram group has 1200+ members and counting, and we’re proud to say that we have our own community on Telegram that continuously share fantastic ideas on the directions that we could take. Yet the question most commonly asked is, “What’s the token’s use case?” We’ll be answering that question today!

Our Vision

MAGI started as a meme coin, but it was never our intention to let it end as a mere…

It’s been an eventful week for the Karps, and there’s so much to share.
We’d like to update you about the latest developments!

Karps surviving the Storm

In the past week alone, we’ve:

  • Hit our ATH of $0.04
  • Listed on CoinGecko
  • Launched our inflationary cousin, GYA
  • Launched farms to provide rewards

Splashpapers, Roadmaps, and Audits!

We’ve talked about creating a great environment for your Magikarp through providing liquidity. We’ve also started mingling within the ecosystem via partnerships, with many more to come! All of this is part of our plan to evolve… but before we do that; let’s have a look at where we are now — and how we can keep our Magikarp healthy.

An easy way to understand the mechanics of Magikarp is through the splashpaper…<<click to read the SPLASHPAPER.

But more than that, we have a single dev wallet that has received 10% of the initial supply.


Second Official Partnership!

We are glad to see so many of you looking after your Magikarp and taking the steps to add liquidity allowing your Magikarp to grow.

Magikarp.Finance creates value through working with other DeFi projects and ensuring that everyone benefits from being part of this ecosystem… with this in mind we’d love to announce our second official partnership;

Rowket Market

Rowket Market is a decentralized community-driven NFTs marketplace centered around the distribution of fan art in the form of NFTs. When it comes to NFTs, Binance Smart Chain is barely starting and there isn’t enough infrastructure yet to utilize its…

Congratulations on taking on the responsibility of your own Magikarp! Even though they’re hardly lil’ creatures and will splash here, there, and everywhere… they will literally appreciate and thrive if you look after them.

Environment is everything!

It’s a fact that Magikarp have been spotted swimming in most — to put it lightly — questionable of waters; there’s one thing they love above all and that’s liquidity.

Magikarp looooove liquidity!

When liquidity is low — the magikarp is a volatile beast being easily affected by transactions. Buys will hike the price up — and sells will drop it down just as easily. …

Good day Karps!!

“It ain’t much, but it’s honest work”

It is our 5th day in the world and a lot has already happened in this time, but as is often said, this is only the beginning !

Today we would like to share with you an important announcement that a lot of you have been waiting for…our 2nd partnership and farming!!!!
TL;DR at the bottom and read the disclaimer ;)

After our initial partnership with Lightning, we have been in contact with a Pokemon ! Yes, that’s right !

We have been talking with the Absol.Finance Team the past few days. It turns out Pokemons speak…

It has been 48h since the Initial Splash and we still have goosebumps from the wet launch 🐟

This has been a fantastic start and the Telegram Group is already 600 Karps strong 💪

In this post, we would like to share with you the plans for the coming days and a little bit of an explanation of how we want you (yes YOU, the person reading these words!) to get involved in important decisions we will take from now on. So please, read until the end, exciting news will be disclosed 😊

A fresh welcome to all Karps of the world !

First of all, we wish to welcome you to the big open Defi Sea 🌊

It’s hasn’t even been 18 hours since we stealth launched Magikarp.Finance and it already feels like we are family.

As you most certainly know, this is only the beginning. We thank all Karps who supported us and made this project possible. More and more holders are accumulating $MAGI, simply through word of mouth and this is a beautiful thing. …

Magikarp Finance

Magikarp splashes fees back to it’s holders. Join the Community:

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